Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Exposed: Nojo's Hoes

In recent news, fellow Stardollian, Nojarama, better known to his friends as Nojo was outed as a pimp by three of his prostitutes after they were set up by police.

For some time after the trial, Nojo's hoes remained anonymous. That is until Nojo, feeling a little betrayed, caught up with the skimpy scoundrels, in an alleyway located in New Star City; only blocks from where they were taken in by police.

After giving the girls a good scare, Nojo snapped a few shots of his now former employees. He later posted the images online; claiming that these two cent whores weren't worth even that and that they were dead to the streets of New Star City.

Can you guess who Nojo's hoes are?

Hot & Not Nominations

Nominations start now!
Visit the "Hot & Not Nominations" tab located at the top of the page.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why Your Medoll Hates You

Yes, it's true. If you haven't already been made aware, you Medoll is NOT your fan. In fact, he/she does not take an interest in you whatsoever. I bet you're all wondering why that is. And I'm here to tell you.

I'll start by making you all aware of an incident between my doll and myself this morning. As I was preparing to log out of Stardoll, she gave me the finger. What finger you ask? Oh I think we all know what finger I'm referring to. Anywho, I was worried that I was seeing things and that I might need to lie down. However, when I logged back on later in the afternoon, my doll once again shot the bird at me. And this time I knew I wasn't see things. Feeling a little curious and confused I wondered what her problem was. I mean I apply her makeup, I buy her nice things, I fill her suite with fabulous furniture. Hell, I even dress the bitch. I figured the best way to solve the spat I was having with my Medoll was to directly confront her. And you'll never believe what I found out.

Apparently she was upset that I had not only been overlooking her, I had also been treating her more like a toy than a friend. And that, to her, was not fair. Though I couldn't find it in my mind to sympathize with her because I had never been treated like a toy, I still felt where she was coming from and I promised to change my ways. I started by giving her not only a name, but an identity. She is no longer "Medoll". This ass kicking, name taking, unicycle riding badass is now known as LaiDee. And I will continue to acknowledge her presence during my time on Stardoll and if you have any value for your life, I suggest you do the same for you neglected Medoll.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Be My Valentine

Be Mine
I want your love and I want your revenge...
You and me can write a bad romance.
With Valentines Day on the way, what better way to celebrate than a Be My Valentine list and a little guessing game?
If you're all as curious as I presume you are then you'll waste no time at guessing who has made the Be My Valentine list.
For each lady or gentlemen on the Be My Valentine list there will be a clue given. Leave your guesses in the ElitesExposed guestbook.
Once a person has guessed a lady or gentlemen correctly, their clue will be replaced with their name and we will move on to the next person on the list.

Simple enough,right? You'd be surprised.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Bad Girl?

Coming soon...
The Newest, most controversial thing to hit the Stardoll blogging world.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Exposed: Admire Couture, Bad Publicity

Sinbabee, owner of Admire Couture is swallowing her words after a feud she so hastily began with Tyler(Tylerisbold) and Dei(To_Royal), after Tyler's Top Trends owner, Tylerisbold posted a review of her Futuristic Fashion line for Admire Couture.

Sinbabee received her first dose of what should have been constructive criticism after Tyler(Tylerisbold) said "Many of the pieces look like a Kim Kardashian clubbing getup." 

Instead of taking this criticism in stride, Sinbabee complained that Tyler was being mean and rude. And that many other people liked her line. She also stated(after Dei came to Tyler's defense) that Tyler's Top Trends was a shallow and low blog. Could her opinion of his blog be based solely on the fact that he gave her a bad review? Unfortunately, we cannot quote Sinbabee. Because after she prematurely released a spoiler of Admire Couture's next line(bad move), she removed almost all of her comments after realizing what a fool she had made of herself. Leaving only a couple comments that made her seem like a victim.

If you ask me, Sinbabee should hold no place in the Stardoll fashion world. If she cannot handle a little negative attention, she surely wouldn't last a second in the real fashion world.

And my personal opinion of her line is that while the bags and accessories were nicely made, they look like they had been done before. And as far as the actual clothing pieces go, they looked trashy and slutty. Better luck next time, Admire Couture.

To view Admire Couture's collection, click here

Exposed: Pimp Nojo?

Deep in the muck and crime filled streets of New Star City, three prostitutes were picked up by local police after being caught in a four way with a seemingly very lucky guy.

The three females who remain  unidentified were placed in handcuffs along with the man who purchased them and the foursome were hauled down to the NSPD(New Star Police Department).

After being drug through hours and hours of tough interrogation, these worn out prostitutes released the name of their pimp. Who is he you ask? None other than our very own Nojo. Let's face it, we all saw this coming.

 Nojo has remained unavailable for comment. And after a rather lengthy trial, Nojo was cleared of all charges brought against him, due to lack of evidence and a well paid lawyer.

As for the three still unnamed prostitutes, we will surely have more on them later. Including their identities.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Legend Productions

Clicking that would tickle your fancy.

Best/Worst Dressed.

Welcome to what will be the most controversial post I've ever done. Due to the fact that apparently I hold no right to criticize fashion in a negative manner. Though I am allowed to criticize it in a positive manner. I'm typing to the most biased audience, ever. However, I am prepared to deal with your comments that will surely be filled with faulty logic. So here we go.

First I would like to display the results for the Best/Worst Dressed List as it reads on PollDaddy. I am even going to provide you with the graph so there is no suspicion of me throwing the vote.

In a very close count, Mirka_17 takes the best dressed award by one vote.
Click to enlarge.

And on the other end, Emorox4eva takes the worst dressed award by a landslide.
Click to enlarge.

Yeah, that was fun and all, but let's get down to what you all really came here to read.
First on the list of best dressed nominees was Hunnigall, and for good reason, let's take a look.

Alice has a way of making even the worst hairstyles look nice. For example, the dread lock hairstyle she is wearing now would be atrocious on any other person. Lucky for lovely little Alice, she is able to make it work.

As I am sure you all know, Alice is quite in love with the color orange and at first glance I could not spy a speck of orange on this outfit. And I became a bit disappointed. Though when I took a closer look I spied what looks a lot like a tiny bit of orange on the lapel of Alice's jacket.

It all boils down to whether I believe Alice deserves to be on the best dressed list and to that I say hell yes. Anyone who can take seemingly bad things and make them work is deserving of a best dressed nomination.

Next on the list is a nominee from the worst dressed list who goes by the name Coolgirl185...and I'm sure you don't know who she is, though she wishes and hopes for everyone to know her name.

When I visited Coolgirl's page I noticed the National Covergirl award...which I'm sure is what she all wanted us to do. Being aware of how badly this girl seeks "fame" I did a quick scan of her presentation and noticed that she received that award a week ago. Covergirl used to be something to be proud of and having your doll carry it for a week wouldn't be so bad. Unfortunately, Stardoll has diluted the meaning of Covergirl and now it holds the value of a handful of shit. So seeing this girl clutching to a National Covergirl award make me want to punch her, quite honestly.

Enough of that and onto this odd outfit. The rose in the hair is somewhat annoying and I believe this outfit could do without it. Essentially, CoolGirl has all of the right pieces, they are just put together in the wrong outfit. Clearly this "cool" girl could use some guidance. And I believe the worst dressed list is where she belongs.

Back to the best dressed list, we are now on to BubblyMinty's ensemble.

When I think extravagant, BubblyMinty comes to mind. Her outfits never lack that sense of over dramatic. The word casual doesn't seem to hold a place in her dictionary. And don't mistake that comment for a complaint. I adore how fancy and glamorous Jenny dresses.

I feel obligated, however, to mention a thing or two I could do without. The first thing that caught my eye were the spiky Hot Buy shoes. Don't get me wrong, I love those shoes. Sadly though, I don't believe they fit in with the theme of this outfit. Secondly, I have to mention the bag. Yes, it's a great bag...but again, the color scheme is all wrong for this outfit.

On a much lighter note, this outfit is fantastic, like almost every other outfit Jenny conjures up and it's quite a delight to have her nominated for the best dressed list, because I think we can all agree that she belongs there.

Once again we've trickled down to the worst dressed list and Emorox4eva is up next.

Before I am accused of attacking or holding a grudge against Jenna, let me draw your attention to the hairstyle she is wearing that makes her look like the girl from The Grudge.

Even without pulling the hairstyle into the equation, this outfit looks like it was created by someone who is color blind beyond believe. I'm dying for someone to tell me when forest green and fire engine red began complimenting one another. If that wasn't enough, a gold clutch was added to this already awful outfit.

In an attempt to avoid as many rude/annoying comments as I can, I will stop there and remind you all that I am not the only one who believes that this outfit is complete and utter shit.

Back into safe territory, Vampire_ is up next.

Anyone who knows this very fashionable girl is quite aware of the amazing outfits she puts together almost effortlessly. I'm sure that Vampire_ has a long list of admirers as well as envious folks who curse her name for making their outfits look like shit.

Though I am fascinated by this outfit, there is something that bothers me and that is what seems to be the lack of hair. Under the headpiece I am sure that hair lies there. However, we are unable to see it...which makes me envision a small Mongolian child that is starving for food.

Aside from the hairy situation concerning the lack of hair, I am jumping behind Emorox4eva in the [I'm jealous of your outfit because it makes mine look like shit] line.

Back to the list that is sure to get me in trouble, we're now focusing on Servati.

From first glance you would assume that this outfit has risen to the standards of Vampire_'s outfit. Though when you use those things we call eyeballs you notice all of the little imperfections that I'm sure Servati thought were cute little attentions to detail.

I takes a talented person to wear that sheer, sparkly shoulder thing as a skirt. And two wear two....that would take a fashion genius. Clearly Servati is not a fashion genius. The jewelry is messy,  the sock and sandals are annoying and the make up makes her look like she has two black eyes.

I cannot simply go on pointing out my issues with this outfit because you would be here reading for the  rest of your life. So I'm going to bid this outfit a goodbye and say that my nominators were walking along the right path when they put this girl on the worst dressed list.

It's time to cheer and praise because were are back at the best dressed list with Mirka_17

If you can make a leopard print blazer that give the illusion it is filled with shoulder pads look good then you obviously belong on the best dressed list.

Something I love about how Mirka_17 dresses is the way she uses very little to make a statement. Whereas some people go as far as using their whole closet to get the wow factor, Mirka_17 doesn't need to do that.

As crazy as it may sound, I do have a complaint with this outfit in particular and that would be the leopard tights. Animal prints are great and I love them. However, I believe that one print on an outfit is a good idea. She makes these tights work but it still irks me. My eyes try focusing on the jacket and then they jump to the tights and then back again. This double use of a pattern has given me a headache. Nevertheless, Mirka_17 is a fabulous dresser and she deserves her spot on the best dressed list.

Here we go once again. Back to the worst dressed side of things with Lel1996

After responding to well over twenty guestbook comments from angered and ignorant friends of Lel1996, I was almost excited to deem her a true part of the worst dressed list. Unfortunately, she isn't dressed badly at all. Well, aside from that annoying bow atop her head.

What makes me say that she doesn't belong on the worst dressed list is the dress she is wearing. That dress alone is one of the ugliest pieces to ever grace Stardoll's inventory of clothing. However, Lel1996 has dressed this up and made it look quite pleasant. And without mention of that bow, this outfit is quite gorgeous.

If you're responsible for placing lel1996 on the worst dressed list, I shun you.

Whiplash has set in as we make our way back to the best dressed list. Focusing on Syligirl.

When you think of red hair you think of freckles, braces glasses and nerds. Well that doesn't happen to be the case for Ayla. Not only can she pull off red hair. She can pull off red hair with blonde highlights. And for that, she most certainly belongs on the best dressed list.

I honestly have never seen Ayla in something other than black. Normally that would be a problem for me because there are only so many things you can do with the color black. That's not the case for Ayla. For she can create anything with the color black and make it look marvelous time and time again.

Whether it's a chic dress or a business suit, Ayla has the ability to make it dance happily underneath her bright red hair.

To the worst dressed list we return with Anilin.

This girl reminds me of Bride Barbie and that is not a good thing. If you cannot see it then let me paint you a picture. Bright blonde hair, white dress and gloves. It's not a good look unless you're getting married. And getting married on Stardoll is not a good idea.

This outfit is as bland as it is white and due to that, I am unable to speak any further on this odd ensemble.
The only thing left to say would be that the worst dressed list is clearly where Anilin needs to be.

And the last of the best dressed has arrived.  Isabella.arci is what you know her by.

I am overly in love with this warm and cozy, sweet and flowing Winter inspired outfit. Isabella knows her stuff.

From the scarf to the belt to the neatly flowing skirt, this outfit is something I wish I could have thought up myself. Not only is the flow of the outfit amazing, the color scheme against her skin and hair is to die for. Speaking of hair, it is one of my few complaints. Sure the style is nice but I cannot stand the way it shapes her face. The earmuffs don't do much for me either.

However, those two little annoyances aren't enough to make me love this look any less. Props to Isabella for creating an unbelievably cute outfit and making the best dressed list.

To the worst dressed list we go, for the last time, with ColtonAttack.

For the second time through this post, I believe we have found another person who does not belong on the worst dressed list. She goes by the name ColtonAttack.

This simple outfit does wonders for her and the extra high heels are a great way to top it of. I'm loving the top and the leggings. The gloves? Not so much but that isn't a big concern.

I think my only concern with this outfit doesn't even lie in the outfit itself. It has to do with the hair. The style(since Stardoll upgraded it) is very cute and shapes her face wonderfully but the color does not work. Her name is not Ayla and she cannot make red hair look good. But like I've already said, ColtonAttack clearly does not belong on the worst dressed list.

That's going to do it for the Best/Worst dressed analyzing and now I'd like to throw in a tiny surprise. Who I think should take the cake for the best and worst dressed nominee.

For best dressed, I believe Vampire_ deserves that award. And for worst dressed, the voters had it right. Emorox4eva belongs on top of the worst dressed list.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

In Dire Need of a Graphic Designer.

Yes, for once I am seeking outside help. This "lone wolf" bit gets tiring after a while. Plus, I'm tired of getting nauseous after looking at my shit graphics. So as of now, I am in search of a DECENT graphic designer. If you're interested, fill out the form below and post it in a comment. However, if your graphics are just as shitty or a lot more shitty than mine are, DO NOT waste my time by filling out said form.

Stardoll Name:
Link to some of your work:

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Classique Awards

Quite an inspiring and new idea from Dei, also known as To_Royal on Stardoll, The Classique awards was the first ceremony held over Skype. Elites Exposed is here to feed you firsthand opinions on how this show went down.

Before Skype was a factor, the red carpet event was held in TheClassique's guestbook. Many Elite names arrived and enjoyed themselves before the show began. Due to technical difficulties, the red carpet lasted a bit longer than expected. Soon after the problems were fixed, guests were a added to a Skype conference and Dei did her best to maintain the room.....

As I sat back in my computer chair watching tiny pencils write away, I wondered how hard it was for people to remove their hands from the keyboard and let the ceremony begin. After many threats and a great deal  of frustration, Dei conquered the room and began the show. However, that did not stop many rude guests from speaking out of turn. Among the many rude guests, there were some that stood out more than others. My biggest annoyance of the evening was Abibabeh..x. You could have sworn the world was ending and she was trying to get in her last dying words. If I could have stuck my  hand through my laptop screen I would have ripped out her vocal chords. There were many other annoying guests on the list, but quite too many to name. At the end of the show, another annoying guest arrived. They go by the name of Shayanx3. Speaking of sexual related topics, mainly referring to things they hoped for Tylerisbold to do to them, this annoyance was just outright sick. Nevertheless, the show went on and it was wonderful. Many deserving winners were crowned. Such as the SDnoh8 organization. One winner however had their award stripped of them after a certain someone(me) announced they had cheated. That certain someone was none other than BlueGreen86, who in her club of thousands of members, asked for votes...which was against the rules. The award was then handed down to .pease., who I believe deserved it immensely.

I'd like to give a special thanks to the lady of the evening, Dei(To_Royal) for making this a night to remember. I am looking forward to the next awards show to come and I am hoping by then, everyone learns their manners and shuts the hell up!!


Exposed: Elite-Girl, Preparing for The Classique Awards

With The Classique Awards only half an hour away, coverage crews, interviewers and the nominees themselves are gearing up to face the crowd.

Some may visit the spa for a relaxing massage. Others may have their own personal de-stressing routine. The religious types might say a prayer and ask for calmness. None of these routes, however, seem enticing for Elite-Girl. As a lone photographer(Who asks to remain nameless) slumps out behind the stage to indulge himself with a smoke, he notices a very noticeable, Elite-Girl facing away from the backstage door. Catching Elite-Girl's body flinch as he lets the door slam behind him, said photographer pays close attention as Elite-Girl abruptly turns and practically runs back inside. Almost tripping over her gorgeous, red gown as she disappears into the entrance. Luckily for this photographer, he didn't skimp when it came to buying equipment. For the brief moment he and Elite-Girl locked eyes, he managed to snag this amazing shot.

If you notice around Elite-Girl's nose area, you'll see a tiny clump of a white substance. Could she have honestly been snorting drugs as a method to relax herself? As cliche as it sounds, they do say a photograph is worth a thousand words. And boy does this photograph say a lot.

If you happen to cross paths with Elite-Girl before the ceremony, toss her a tissue.


Yet Another Mockery it Seems.

The latest, but certainly not the greatest mockery of Elites Exposed, seems to have used my project as his/her sole inspiration. As flattering as that is, I cannot help but be somewhat annoyed by this.

Though this newly anonymous Stardolll member left a sweet comment in my guestbook, she's been trashing other members of Stardoll such as Coolgirl185.
Being used as her inspiration is nice and all but her version of what I created it senseless, sloppy and quite frankly, trashy. I feel as if I an unintentional mockery has been made of Elites Exposed. This anonymous person has diluted my creation and turned it into something unworthy of attention.

As hasty as this person seems to be, I'm sure after she scans over this post I'll be deemed an enemy to her. Luckily, my sights are not set on being friends with this unoriginal mystery person.

Annoyed, EE

Friday, January 7, 2011

Spoiler! The Late Night Awards!

In collaboration with Late Night With Chad, Elites Exposed is proud to present you with the first ever Late Night Awards. Brought to you by Chad(Madworld), himself. This is guaranteed to be a monumental event.

As this spoiler does not specify an actual date for the awards, it certainly does leave us wondering. Luckily it does reveal that January will be the month for The Late Night Awards. This is only the beginning, stay tuned for more coverage on Chad and The Late Night Awards.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

In an Attempt....

to clear up the controversy that has been blowing up in the ElitesExposed guestbook.

First of all, to settle all of your wondering and accusing minds, I did not nominate anyone on the Best/Worst dressed list. They were nominated by other members of Stardoll. I simply put them on the list according to what they were nominated for. Does that mean I  believe that they dress shitty? No.

Another thing, I never claimed to be the best dressed person....ever. If your on some sort of medication that causes you to hallucinate and hear things, then I forgive you for believing that. But no, I have never said that I am the best dressed person on Stardoll, nor do I believe that.

Lastly, this list has stirred up so much shit. I've been accused of being judgemental, when I really haven't judged anyone on their style thus far. I've also had a ton of shitty things said about me when the people saying these things don't even know me. If you ask me, that's being judgemental.

Keeping up with EE tradition, I didn't want to have to spoil the big surprise with this list. However, I am so tired of hearing everyone's shit. It's especially annoying since they haven't let it play out and most of them aren't even aware of what's going on. They're just jumping on the "Lets trash Aislin bandwagon."

So here's the big secret. After voting for Best/Worst dressed is finished and announced on January 14th, I'll do a daily post, alternating between the lists. One day a post from best dressed, then a post from worst dressed. These posts are going to relay how I personally feel about the person's fashion and whether I believe they were placed on the right list.

Here's hoping you all are happy.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This is a Joke.

This life away from real life is a joke. We've all become so consumed, and for what? Embarking on my journey through Stardoll I wasn't aware of what was really happening. the innocence was stripped slowly and I was thrown into something far beyond belief.

Stardoll isn't just a fashion website, its' real life, in pixels. Stardoll was never meant to be perceived this way. Only through its' users has it become a site filled with elitism, jealousy and hatred.  And quite frankly, we're the only ones to blame. As a whole we created this world and now we must survive in it the best we can.

I used to believe that I had the best friends on Stardoll. People that were always there for me. If I was ever in need, they would be there to help me. This still rings true for some people. But the person I invested my trust in, the person I share my happiness and sadness with, well she's gone. Before the word "elite" meant anything to me, before Stardoll blogs existed in my mind, I had a friend who was excited to tell me that she found an old Hot Buy or that she got a ton more Starpoints. Even after the secret world of Staroll unfolded we marched in together. Spreading our unity. Our friendship came first and nothing was going to take that from us. Now, even though we speak regularly, it's not the same. I've lost the most important thing Stardoll has ever given me and what have I gained from it? People who despise me for speaking my mind? Some blogs I could give a shit less about?

I don't want your elitism. I don't want your praises. Outside of this place we are all nobody. Lets face it; I could pass you on the street and not even give you a second glance. I am sick of this place, these people and what we've all become. And as badly as I want to logout of Dollyworld and never look back, a part of me feels attached, consumed, taken over by something I cannot even grasp. We're pathetic and weak. All of us.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And The Nominees are....

Best Dressed:

Worst Dressed:

With the nominees now listed, visit the survey at the bottom of the page entitled "Best/Worst Dressed Voting"  to vote for you think should be crowned best dressed and worst dressed. Voting is open until January 14th.

Be My Valentine Nominations

With January in full swing and February well on its' way, nominations for the Be My Valentine List are ready to commence.  Your job as readers of Elites Exposed it to choose one female and one male you want to see on the list. It doesn't have to be two people you think would make a good "couple". Just a female and a male you want to see on the list.

Nominations will last all through the month of January. To nominate two people, view the "BMV Nominations" above.

Choose Wisely, EE.

Welcome to the New Year

As we are thrust into the beginning of yet another new year. Iced by it's chills and thrills of what's soon to come. I cannot speak for the world, but I can speak for Elites Exposed. We are starting off this month with The Best/Worst Dress List. But we don't stop there. In between the nominations and all of the voting, surprises will be popping up everyone. Keep your eyes open and stay alert. You wouldn't want to miss this.

Drown yourself with anticipation, EE.