Friday, December 10, 2010

Noelle_Page You Have Been a Naughty Girl!

As we progress in life, we evolve. Sometimes to bigger and better things. Other times we fall victim to failure. As we evolve as people, our views and opinions sometimes change as well. Nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to one and it happens to all. On my impulsive path to target and vomit my opinions about Elites through text, I hastily placed Noelle_Page onto the naughty list. Heresay and other judgements clouded my thoughts and I was sucked into a vortex of hate and jealousy. Not of my own, but of others who saw Noelle_Page as someone above them. After doing my proper research of this very successfull Elite, I realized that a scandalous, stuck up bitch, she was not. Why keep her on the Naughty list you ask of me? Well she's hot, and we will leave it at that.

Of course we cannot leave it at that! Taunting you with my perception of her hottness would only leave you wondering and I am in no mood to leave my little ones wondering, not today anyway.

When I speak in terms of "hottness" I do not leave my eye as the only beholder. My brain conjures up it's own opinons. While a doll of Noelle_Page's stature is beautiful beyond belief with an exquisite face, flowing black locks and a creamy complection adorned with an immpecable sense of style, she also has a vocabulary the size of a large elephant and that in itself is admirable. To me a beautiful mind outshines a beautiful face any day of the week, even Wednesday.

I know that we were all looking for something negative to say about Noelle_Page and hoping to stir up contraversy, but from my findings I found nothing I could use to exploit Noelle_Page. Stay beautiful Noelle_Page, inside and out.

Best Wishes, EE.


  1. Haha, love this post!
    I adore you stylish writing and wry humor :).

    Come on, who is not jealous of Noelle?
    For one, I certainly am!

  2. ARe you kidding?! All this is, is just someone idiot from MDM writing about themselves! MDM is obvious desperate for their long ago fame, and as far as I can see the writing detail, and almost EVERY SINGLE POST is about how wonderful the MDM people are. Get a life, this site is pathetically boring and predictable

  3. Even Wednesday (: haha

    keep posting! Don't listen to anonymous comments.

  4. Haha yeah because I am totally a part of MDM. Jealousy is a bitch(:

  5. I am surprised to say the least.
    But more so than that, I am humbled.
    Thank you...