Thursday, December 16, 2010

FashionnGirl You Have Been Naughty


Ruining reputations is the last thing I am after. Creating this blog wasn't about trashing people and demeaning them. However, I will make an exception for Eamonn, also know as Fashionngirl.

If you aren't already aware, Fashionngirl is actually a boy. That's no big deal, really who cares? Makes perfect sense to desire a female doll on a website that caters to females more than it does to males. My issue with Fashionngirl lies in the fact that I believe he is quite sketchy. What ever do I mean? A while ago Nicole|Doherty was a fashion line he started with a dear friend of mine, Nicki(Tapstar321). Things were going fantastically. She was excited, I was excited for her and I waited patiently, anticipating the release of their line. However, some days later he deletes the club for the blog, deletes the blog, deletes Nicki as a friend and goes as far as blocking her. Excuse my French, have you lost your fucking mind? Way to do business professionally you jack wagon.

If I haven't already convinced you, I'll try to do so now. Doing business with Fashionngirl is probably the worst idea you'll ever conceive. My intention is not to ruin him, it's to keep you all from ruining yourselves.

Best Wishes, EE.


  1. Ouch. A lot of work...gone. I hope Nicki's ok.

  2. Yea. That was a few weeks ago. It was a bummer, the line was about to get released! We had enough publicity and it went well. :/ I'm fine though :)

  3. oooh la laa. bitch, please!
    I totally agree with you. Back then, when I was still a stardoll *addict, I got a writer spot for her blog. Everything was going great. I was doing great. And she decides to delete it for a role play club. Believe me or not, I was an active member of that club til she decided to abandon the project too. Awesome. Great commitment, bitch.
    But on the other side of it, Eamonn was a really great friend, she was sweet and loving but those qualities disappeared because of that one big flaw.