Saturday, January 8, 2011

Exposed: Elite-Girl, Preparing for The Classique Awards

With The Classique Awards only half an hour away, coverage crews, interviewers and the nominees themselves are gearing up to face the crowd.

Some may visit the spa for a relaxing massage. Others may have their own personal de-stressing routine. The religious types might say a prayer and ask for calmness. None of these routes, however, seem enticing for Elite-Girl. As a lone photographer(Who asks to remain nameless) slumps out behind the stage to indulge himself with a smoke, he notices a very noticeable, Elite-Girl facing away from the backstage door. Catching Elite-Girl's body flinch as he lets the door slam behind him, said photographer pays close attention as Elite-Girl abruptly turns and practically runs back inside. Almost tripping over her gorgeous, red gown as she disappears into the entrance. Luckily for this photographer, he didn't skimp when it came to buying equipment. For the brief moment he and Elite-Girl locked eyes, he managed to snag this amazing shot.

If you notice around Elite-Girl's nose area, you'll see a tiny clump of a white substance. Could she have honestly been snorting drugs as a method to relax herself? As cliche as it sounds, they do say a photograph is worth a thousand words. And boy does this photograph say a lot.

If you happen to cross paths with Elite-Girl before the ceremony, toss her a tissue.


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