Friday, January 14, 2011

Best/Worst Dressed.

Welcome to what will be the most controversial post I've ever done. Due to the fact that apparently I hold no right to criticize fashion in a negative manner. Though I am allowed to criticize it in a positive manner. I'm typing to the most biased audience, ever. However, I am prepared to deal with your comments that will surely be filled with faulty logic. So here we go.

First I would like to display the results for the Best/Worst Dressed List as it reads on PollDaddy. I am even going to provide you with the graph so there is no suspicion of me throwing the vote.

In a very close count, Mirka_17 takes the best dressed award by one vote.
Click to enlarge.

And on the other end, Emorox4eva takes the worst dressed award by a landslide.
Click to enlarge.

Yeah, that was fun and all, but let's get down to what you all really came here to read.
First on the list of best dressed nominees was Hunnigall, and for good reason, let's take a look.

Alice has a way of making even the worst hairstyles look nice. For example, the dread lock hairstyle she is wearing now would be atrocious on any other person. Lucky for lovely little Alice, she is able to make it work.

As I am sure you all know, Alice is quite in love with the color orange and at first glance I could not spy a speck of orange on this outfit. And I became a bit disappointed. Though when I took a closer look I spied what looks a lot like a tiny bit of orange on the lapel of Alice's jacket.

It all boils down to whether I believe Alice deserves to be on the best dressed list and to that I say hell yes. Anyone who can take seemingly bad things and make them work is deserving of a best dressed nomination.

Next on the list is a nominee from the worst dressed list who goes by the name Coolgirl185...and I'm sure you don't know who she is, though she wishes and hopes for everyone to know her name.

When I visited Coolgirl's page I noticed the National Covergirl award...which I'm sure is what she all wanted us to do. Being aware of how badly this girl seeks "fame" I did a quick scan of her presentation and noticed that she received that award a week ago. Covergirl used to be something to be proud of and having your doll carry it for a week wouldn't be so bad. Unfortunately, Stardoll has diluted the meaning of Covergirl and now it holds the value of a handful of shit. So seeing this girl clutching to a National Covergirl award make me want to punch her, quite honestly.

Enough of that and onto this odd outfit. The rose in the hair is somewhat annoying and I believe this outfit could do without it. Essentially, CoolGirl has all of the right pieces, they are just put together in the wrong outfit. Clearly this "cool" girl could use some guidance. And I believe the worst dressed list is where she belongs.

Back to the best dressed list, we are now on to BubblyMinty's ensemble.

When I think extravagant, BubblyMinty comes to mind. Her outfits never lack that sense of over dramatic. The word casual doesn't seem to hold a place in her dictionary. And don't mistake that comment for a complaint. I adore how fancy and glamorous Jenny dresses.

I feel obligated, however, to mention a thing or two I could do without. The first thing that caught my eye were the spiky Hot Buy shoes. Don't get me wrong, I love those shoes. Sadly though, I don't believe they fit in with the theme of this outfit. Secondly, I have to mention the bag. Yes, it's a great bag...but again, the color scheme is all wrong for this outfit.

On a much lighter note, this outfit is fantastic, like almost every other outfit Jenny conjures up and it's quite a delight to have her nominated for the best dressed list, because I think we can all agree that she belongs there.

Once again we've trickled down to the worst dressed list and Emorox4eva is up next.

Before I am accused of attacking or holding a grudge against Jenna, let me draw your attention to the hairstyle she is wearing that makes her look like the girl from The Grudge.

Even without pulling the hairstyle into the equation, this outfit looks like it was created by someone who is color blind beyond believe. I'm dying for someone to tell me when forest green and fire engine red began complimenting one another. If that wasn't enough, a gold clutch was added to this already awful outfit.

In an attempt to avoid as many rude/annoying comments as I can, I will stop there and remind you all that I am not the only one who believes that this outfit is complete and utter shit.

Back into safe territory, Vampire_ is up next.

Anyone who knows this very fashionable girl is quite aware of the amazing outfits she puts together almost effortlessly. I'm sure that Vampire_ has a long list of admirers as well as envious folks who curse her name for making their outfits look like shit.

Though I am fascinated by this outfit, there is something that bothers me and that is what seems to be the lack of hair. Under the headpiece I am sure that hair lies there. However, we are unable to see it...which makes me envision a small Mongolian child that is starving for food.

Aside from the hairy situation concerning the lack of hair, I am jumping behind Emorox4eva in the [I'm jealous of your outfit because it makes mine look like shit] line.

Back to the list that is sure to get me in trouble, we're now focusing on Servati.

From first glance you would assume that this outfit has risen to the standards of Vampire_'s outfit. Though when you use those things we call eyeballs you notice all of the little imperfections that I'm sure Servati thought were cute little attentions to detail.

I takes a talented person to wear that sheer, sparkly shoulder thing as a skirt. And two wear two....that would take a fashion genius. Clearly Servati is not a fashion genius. The jewelry is messy,  the sock and sandals are annoying and the make up makes her look like she has two black eyes.

I cannot simply go on pointing out my issues with this outfit because you would be here reading for the  rest of your life. So I'm going to bid this outfit a goodbye and say that my nominators were walking along the right path when they put this girl on the worst dressed list.

It's time to cheer and praise because were are back at the best dressed list with Mirka_17

If you can make a leopard print blazer that give the illusion it is filled with shoulder pads look good then you obviously belong on the best dressed list.

Something I love about how Mirka_17 dresses is the way she uses very little to make a statement. Whereas some people go as far as using their whole closet to get the wow factor, Mirka_17 doesn't need to do that.

As crazy as it may sound, I do have a complaint with this outfit in particular and that would be the leopard tights. Animal prints are great and I love them. However, I believe that one print on an outfit is a good idea. She makes these tights work but it still irks me. My eyes try focusing on the jacket and then they jump to the tights and then back again. This double use of a pattern has given me a headache. Nevertheless, Mirka_17 is a fabulous dresser and she deserves her spot on the best dressed list.

Here we go once again. Back to the worst dressed side of things with Lel1996

After responding to well over twenty guestbook comments from angered and ignorant friends of Lel1996, I was almost excited to deem her a true part of the worst dressed list. Unfortunately, she isn't dressed badly at all. Well, aside from that annoying bow atop her head.

What makes me say that she doesn't belong on the worst dressed list is the dress she is wearing. That dress alone is one of the ugliest pieces to ever grace Stardoll's inventory of clothing. However, Lel1996 has dressed this up and made it look quite pleasant. And without mention of that bow, this outfit is quite gorgeous.

If you're responsible for placing lel1996 on the worst dressed list, I shun you.

Whiplash has set in as we make our way back to the best dressed list. Focusing on Syligirl.

When you think of red hair you think of freckles, braces glasses and nerds. Well that doesn't happen to be the case for Ayla. Not only can she pull off red hair. She can pull off red hair with blonde highlights. And for that, she most certainly belongs on the best dressed list.

I honestly have never seen Ayla in something other than black. Normally that would be a problem for me because there are only so many things you can do with the color black. That's not the case for Ayla. For she can create anything with the color black and make it look marvelous time and time again.

Whether it's a chic dress or a business suit, Ayla has the ability to make it dance happily underneath her bright red hair.

To the worst dressed list we return with Anilin.

This girl reminds me of Bride Barbie and that is not a good thing. If you cannot see it then let me paint you a picture. Bright blonde hair, white dress and gloves. It's not a good look unless you're getting married. And getting married on Stardoll is not a good idea.

This outfit is as bland as it is white and due to that, I am unable to speak any further on this odd ensemble.
The only thing left to say would be that the worst dressed list is clearly where Anilin needs to be.

And the last of the best dressed has arrived.  Isabella.arci is what you know her by.

I am overly in love with this warm and cozy, sweet and flowing Winter inspired outfit. Isabella knows her stuff.

From the scarf to the belt to the neatly flowing skirt, this outfit is something I wish I could have thought up myself. Not only is the flow of the outfit amazing, the color scheme against her skin and hair is to die for. Speaking of hair, it is one of my few complaints. Sure the style is nice but I cannot stand the way it shapes her face. The earmuffs don't do much for me either.

However, those two little annoyances aren't enough to make me love this look any less. Props to Isabella for creating an unbelievably cute outfit and making the best dressed list.

To the worst dressed list we go, for the last time, with ColtonAttack.

For the second time through this post, I believe we have found another person who does not belong on the worst dressed list. She goes by the name ColtonAttack.

This simple outfit does wonders for her and the extra high heels are a great way to top it of. I'm loving the top and the leggings. The gloves? Not so much but that isn't a big concern.

I think my only concern with this outfit doesn't even lie in the outfit itself. It has to do with the hair. The style(since Stardoll upgraded it) is very cute and shapes her face wonderfully but the color does not work. Her name is not Ayla and she cannot make red hair look good. But like I've already said, ColtonAttack clearly does not belong on the worst dressed list.

That's going to do it for the Best/Worst dressed analyzing and now I'd like to throw in a tiny surprise. Who I think should take the cake for the best and worst dressed nominee.

For best dressed, I believe Vampire_ deserves that award. And for worst dressed, the voters had it right. Emorox4eva belongs on top of the worst dressed list.


  1. I was going to take the trophy down, change my outfit and everything like I do every Friday but I was busy and couldn't.
    It's really upsetting saying that I want to get noticed- how did you come to that conclusion? I think everyone is as special and unique as the next, you haven't read my presention properly.
    Anything has posted about me is just a girl who bullies and twists the truth so much it's not even true anymore.

  2. I loved reading this :). Thanks Aislin! And the thing you said about coolgirl185, I am glad that we share the same opinion and your are not afraid to voice it out.

  3. Winning NCG means so much to me. In RL I'm the loser with the stupid name, the girl who somehow is a nerd but gets bad grades, the girl with the freaky eye problem (diplopia- google it) It's something to be proud of for other stardollers to pick a girl like me an personly vote me. I'm a 13 year old girl and the outfit is one I would wear in real life.

    Ive been bullied many times real life and stardoll, I've been called brats for defending my friends (thanks bubblyminty) a loser by and lots of other horrible things in real life, I almost got punched because I talked to another girls friends.

  4. @CoolGirl:
    My opinion of you does not stem from the opinions voice by "". My opinion of you is one that I've came to on my own. A few examples of you striving for "elitism" is first your happiness that you were nominated as worst dressed. You didn't care how you got attention, as long as you got it. The second thing was you posting something on the blogs with a title that reads something like "I'm an Elite?" You were referring to the fact that you had been nominated on my blog. And you were excited to have that negative attention.

    If you're trying to score the sympathy vote from me then you should take your sad stories elsewhere. You are not the only one who has had bad times in their lives. And I am certainly not going to be compassionate to you. Just like I fail to be compassionate to others like you.

  5. I don't know how you found that blog but it was a joke shown to my stardoll friends. I was happy that someone noticed ME that's quite an achievement for me, nobody really likes me so someone to notice me is a big thing, you may not think so because you are already recognised and you probley haven't felt how it feels to be told that you are a loser, a freak. Maybe if you had been bullied you would understand my feelings.

  6. Freckles,glasses braces?
    Red hair?
    That doesn't make a nerd!
    If someone has braces,their not a nerd
    I disagree with you,that Ayla person is not the only person who can make red hair look nice,seriously

  7. @Coolgirl:
    I was bullied as a child. But I will not get into that story. I'm sure many other people you consider "recognized" have been bullied as well. However, we do not throw our bouts with bullying around in hopes to receive sympathy. The only advice I can give you if you want to be known, is stop trying to be known and use your brain to accomplish something worthwhile.

    I never claimed that it did make someone a nerd. Though when you look to stereotypes(which we so often do) what I described and what you just described is commonly used as a description for a "nerd".

    And that is what's so great about opinions. Just because I post my opinions here does not mean I see them as facts. You have every right to disagree. Nevertheless, you disagreements are not factual, just as my opinions are not factual.

  8. I think ColtonAttack rocked the orange hair, personally I thought it looked really good with the outfit. And btw, Starcathie, when she had red hair, also rocked it. I definitely think that red hair is beautiful and not something 'nerdy.' Anyway, great post Aisy! I loved reading it, and I agree with most things.

  9. Awesome post Aisling.
    What really bugs me is that people will give you those "sympathy stories".
    We've heard them all, and quite frankly, I'm sick of hearing them.

    You got bullied. So did I and a number of other people.
    You are the loner. I've been that.
    You have an eye problem. Well guess what, so do I!

    No one is perfect.
    Pixels can't make you that either.

  10. I loved reading your opinions. I love your honesty and maturity. I know some of those words could be truly harsh and hurtful to some people and even embarrassing. But at least now they can take that criticism and make better fashion choices.
    Plus, this is only Stardoll, it's not like you are criticizing the person that they are in real life. Neither of you know each other (Coolgirl185). So let's not get heated for no reason.
    I followed your blog, it's great! (:

  11. Sometimes its nice to be noticed, though. I'm sorry, but I'm sticking up for Coolgirl185. I don't like the first post where she describes why, but I don't find it fair either why some of you continue to annoy her about it. Being bullied is hard, you'd have to be in middle school to understand that, and I'd be glad to if I was to be recognized, finally. Not exactly in that way. She had a right to hold the NCG trophy, you had no right to ruin that. Many people dress like that on Stardoll, many people don't. It's not my style, so what? And EssRox, even if you've also been bullied, also had an eye problem and you are also a loner that doesn't mean that since you can deal with it everyone can. A lot of the posts had NO sympathy, at all. Bubblyminty was a perfect example. In the end, though, I agree with none of the posts.

    Please don't get upset at me for expressing my opinion, I personally don't want to be noticed on here. I want to be happy, and I want to have fun. I'm not bullied, I get good grades, I have friends and I'm happy in reality, I don't blame you if you don't think my opinion matters. I just think you should have more respect... and now I sound like a grade 5 teacher

  12. I honestly do not constantly annoy her about it. In fact, up until now I have never regarded her one way or another. Of course, being bullied is something that is emotionally draining and very upsetting to the one being bullied, that is if she is actually telling the truth. No, I am not accusing her of being a liar, I'm just saying that it's hard to believe everything everyone says over the internet. So no, I am not going to give her sympathy just because she says she's been bullied. The sad truth is that she could be the one doing the bullying and using it as an excuse for people on this website to stop saying mean things about her. Craving attention is one thing, but craving attention to the point where you aren't concerned with whether that attention is positive or negative is something I find quite odd.

    You're right about the trophy. Yes, she has every right to hold something that belongs to her. Unfortunately, that award doesn't mean what it used to. No longer does the Covergirl...and now National Covergirl hold any value, due to the fact that people are willing to not only beg for votes but also go as far as buying the trophy from someone who won it just for the sake of saying that you have one. I find that very pitiful. But you're right, she "earned" it, therefore she holds that right. I also earned the right to voice my opinion at birth and those who disagree hold the right to voice theirs. And if my blog voices certain things you disagree with, maybe it isn't a blog you should continue to read.

    The fact that you don't know Coolgirl the way BubblyMinty does gives you reason to believe that her lack of sympathy is wrong. However, from what BubblyMinty has said, Coolgirl has really given her a problem. Their issues are none of my business and I'm inexperienced when it comes to knowing all of what happened between them so it isn't really my place to judge that and it isn't much of your place to do so either.

    In my opinion(there is that word again) respect is something that has to be earned. And while Coolgirl has done nothing to me so that I wouldn't want to give her respect, she also hasn't done anything to fully deserve my respect. Nevertheless, this blog a place for me to voice my opinions and they aren't all sweet and sugar coated, so those who cannot take criticism or are offended by my opinions should stop visiting this blog.

    I am not upset with you for expressing your opinions. Today seems to be chocked full of them. However, I do believe that jumping into something before you've analyzed a whole situation is ill advised.

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  15. A well written post. I agree with most of you opinions and I think everybody has to try and look at it from a different perspective.
    It may offend some people, but in the end it's her blog and I guess she can post what she likes.

  16. These comments have seemed to grow into a full fledged controversy. I 100% agree that CG does not mean what it used to (now that they have broadcasts...).

    I think one of the problems here is the age difference, and maturity levels of members on stardoll. Middle schoolers are so much different than high schoolers and above. In middle school most people are just try to fit in and be "popular". On stardoll being "popular" is being an "elite". So it is only natural that middle schoolers on stardoll strive to be "elites". Well let me tell you something: you are never going to be an "elite" if you don't contribute something. People on stardoll get noticed for the time and effort they put into their projects, and their blogs. Not just because they won some competition (sure maybe you'll get some attention) or were nominated for something. And I totally agree, being excited about POSITIVE attention is expected, but negative? So my advice to you coolgirl is you the constructive criticism EE gave you, and stop with the excuses.

  17. @Samantha
    I realise everyone is different.
    I was bullied for 7 years and did NOTHING about it. Of course it's scarred me emotionally for life but I chose not to dwell on the past.
    When I was 3, I had to have my squints corrected as I had a lazy eye that would roll into the back of my head. Now I can blurred vision and even double vision. I also have a blind spot.
    I was more intelligent than the rest of my year level and therefore people wouldn't be friends with me because I wasn't as immature as them.

    But you know, feel free to bitch out at me as much as you like.

  18. @limjm just because I'm 13 doesn't mean I want to be an elite
    @EssRox Diplopia is double vision, it's not nice is it?
    @Aislin I don't know bubblyminty

  19. Ahw, thanks for all the good things you said about me. Never thought that red hair would be a success.

  20. Sorry,Aislin ,I just didn't think it was fair if you thought people with red hair were automatically nerds,same with braces.
    My sister and my friend has braces and I'll need them too so . . .

  21. @Coolgirl

    You can be sure on that one.

  22. @Coolgirl185: Why do you always keep making yourself the self-proclamined "victim" when people criticise you?

    Bringing inrelevant things such as being bullied or having something wrong with your eyes is just petty and wanting to gain some sympathy. I do not know if what you are saying is true, you do have the habit of lying.

    If you are being bullied then go and tell an adult you trust, do not pour out your heart to us. And coolgirl185 all you seem to be doing is trying to manipulate people to give you some pity.

    Good job, it worked, I feel sorry for you. How you have to lie about things, about your blog as a joke, and about not knowing me as you posted above. I seem to find you visiting my page a least four or five times a day, I have to convince myself that you are not a serial stalker.
    Yes I did call you a brat as you were the one who started annoying me first, I told you to stop pestering me but you did not comprehend.
    I do agree with what Liajm said, denying things which are so true is just an epic fail.

    And at this whole nerdy geek thing. EE was just writing generalisation which many people think. It is a STEREOTYPE, meaning that it is not all true, God's sake give her a rest.
    Geeks are percieved to have glasses, braces and red hair, it is in many cartoons and films. These are just generalisation on a "group" of people. It is the same as saying that all Scottish people have ginger hair and wear kilts.
    EE never meant it in this way.

  23. Thank you EE, I never did actually look at it that way before. I admit I can be a b****, and I'm sorry for getting involved

  24. All I would like to say is, wow! Your writing is so descriptive and encaptivating. I started reading, and was hooked. Finishing reading this article was like watching a movie that has an open ending and you want to know more! Keep it up, you're wonderful. ♥

  25. Thak you so much for putting me in :D

  26. Who the HECK is Coolgirl185 ? @_@

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