Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Exposed: Nojo's Hoes

In recent news, fellow Stardollian, Nojarama, better known to his friends as Nojo was outed as a pimp by three of his prostitutes after they were set up by police.

For some time after the trial, Nojo's hoes remained anonymous. That is until Nojo, feeling a little betrayed, caught up with the skimpy scoundrels, in an alleyway located in New Star City; only blocks from where they were taken in by police.

After giving the girls a good scare, Nojo snapped a few shots of his now former employees. He later posted the images online; claiming that these two cent whores weren't worth even that and that they were dead to the streets of New Star City.

Can you guess who Nojo's hoes are?

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