Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why Your Medoll Hates You

Yes, it's true. If you haven't already been made aware, you Medoll is NOT your fan. In fact, he/she does not take an interest in you whatsoever. I bet you're all wondering why that is. And I'm here to tell you.

I'll start by making you all aware of an incident between my doll and myself this morning. As I was preparing to log out of Stardoll, she gave me the finger. What finger you ask? Oh I think we all know what finger I'm referring to. Anywho, I was worried that I was seeing things and that I might need to lie down. However, when I logged back on later in the afternoon, my doll once again shot the bird at me. And this time I knew I wasn't see things. Feeling a little curious and confused I wondered what her problem was. I mean I apply her makeup, I buy her nice things, I fill her suite with fabulous furniture. Hell, I even dress the bitch. I figured the best way to solve the spat I was having with my Medoll was to directly confront her. And you'll never believe what I found out.

Apparently she was upset that I had not only been overlooking her, I had also been treating her more like a toy than a friend. And that, to her, was not fair. Though I couldn't find it in my mind to sympathize with her because I had never been treated like a toy, I still felt where she was coming from and I promised to change my ways. I started by giving her not only a name, but an identity. She is no longer "Medoll". This ass kicking, name taking, unicycle riding badass is now known as LaiDee. And I will continue to acknowledge her presence during my time on Stardoll and if you have any value for your life, I suggest you do the same for you neglected Medoll.


  1. Amazing. At first I was like "Where is this going?" But it's true. I never even thought about it in this way.

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