Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Emorox4eva You Have Been Very Naughty


Does the name say it all or does the name say it all? I'm sure Jenna created this account when being "emo" was the cool thing to do. And if that doesn't say enough about her then I don't know what does.

She's an Elite, of course. People want to talk to her. They want to be a part of her projects and they want to share with her their projects. Beware, because if you're not important enough, little miss Jenna won't give you the time of day. Her precious time isn't something to be wasted by a nobody. She holds the Elite name well. A gradeA bitch.

I know you're all thinking what right do I have to pass judgement on her? Well I haven't much of a right at all. At the same time, what right does she have to dismiss people she doesn't even know?

Up until now I'm sure most of you have been fairly pleased with my posts and because this one doesn't appear to be sugar coated and candy trimmed, I'm going to catch hell for it. Say what you will, do what you may. I'm simply not a fan of Emorox4eva. To her friends who will say, "She's a nice person!" Maybe she's nice to you, but that's because you are either important to society or important to her. And the simple fact of the matter is that if you aren't imporant to society and you aren't important to her, you're nothing.

Best Wishes, EE.


  1. Aisy, she says she bought this account because of the rares, she didn't created it

  2. Ouch. Sounds like you've had some bad encounters with Jenna?

    I've never thought she was a mean person...and about the emo thing, Brit-on-me is right. It says on her presentation that she bought the account for rares.

  3. Well emorox4eva isn't her first Effay says she bought it for her rares. I've never thought that she wasn't nice to people who aren't important. She said herself that she doesn't agree with elitism.

  4. I see nobody reads anymore PSG

  5. She doesn't accept friends requests from people...only people that she knows, meaning the "elites", but I am sure that she is nice...

  6. Yeah she didn't create the account username, the previous owner did. I think Jenna has been a very nice girl, I've talked to her a couple of times and she has never dismissed.

    Jenna your on my good girl's list!

    But you blog owner you are on my naughty list, but I enjoying your writing.:D

  7. Touche on the name thing. That I will apologize for.

    However, everyone has someone they don't like, that could very well be a sweet person. She just didn't show me her sweet side.

  8. Well I am just discovering this blog after being away for sometime, but you couldn't be more wrong. I have no need to prove myself to anyone, but when you do become well known on here..let me know how easy it is for you to keep up and respond to everyone over the years after becoming more and more busy in RL. It is hard. I try my best to talk or respond to everyone, but I generally can not.

    Also no I do not accept friend requests unless I have gotten to know you or worked with you etc.. Has nothing to do with being "elite". I just do not like a lot of people on my friends list because I get a ton of people chatting to me at once.

    So believe what you want, but 1 person does not mean more to me than the next. And yes of course I do respond to my friends more frequently....they are my friends.