Saturday, January 14, 2012

We Meet Again

It's been so long since I've wasted my efforts here. Fortunately, I can't say that I've missed this blog. Or the often rude opinions I've written here. However, my curiosity reared it's ugly head after I took a look at The Stardoll Antagonist. As sad as it is for me to say this, TSA is probably one of the first anonymous bloggers I've seen with actual writing ability. I must commend him/her on that. I do wonder if this anonymous blogger will soon alter their opinion on bashing Stardoll users. I wonder this because it happened to me. I was so eager to have my opinion heard; so set on people knowing exactly what I thought, regardless if my opinions might offend the very person I was writing about. Quite frankly, I didn't care how terribly they felt, and neither did my conscience. I was actually quite content with my brutal honesty, and lack of a filter when I was writing. And in all honesty, not much has changed. I'm still just as honest, but I don't give my opinion as often. I've pulled myself away from the gossip, cat fights, and scandals, mostly anyway. But I still find myself caught up in bits and pieces of Dollywood gossip. It's safe to say that for the most part, I'm happy keeping my unfiltered opinions to myself. Unfortunately, when anonymous blogs like The Stardoll Antagonist pop up, a small part of me is dying to come back here and start all over.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Famous or Not?

Many or most of Stardoll members who are affiliated, or at least aware of "The Stardoll Elite System" have heard the statement "Just because you are famous on Stardoll doesn't mean you're famous in real life." at least once. And for the most part, that rings true. Those in our society who do not use the website would not consider someone "Elite" on Stardoll as a famous being outside of the pixel world. However, those of us who have come to love and admire certain Elites for their projects, personality or otherwise would be excited, if nothing else to meet them in the real world; to get to know them on a level that isn't related to Stardoll.

Not everyone would agree with the statement made above, simply because they believe that no one on Stardoll is really famous. Instead, everyone that has received recognition for something is just another fame-seeking whore. That term is often used by those who have no imagination, creativity, personality or useful ideas. I'm assuming that they figure slandering the name and reputation of someone who earned their place would make them more noticed. To me, those are the true fame whores. Another huge misconception, is the fact that Elites deem themselves Elite. That is a false statement in my opinion. Those who have truly created something useful to Stardoll do not associate themselves with the term "Elite" and often times are modest about the idea of being "famous". Only those who refer to themselves as an Elite are the fame whores who have nothing going for them.

In my opinion, when you create a project that a vast majority of Stardollians enjoy and continue to make them happy with your bright ideas and quick thinking, you deserve the title "Elite" and what you do with it beyond there is your business alone.

Alright, trotting back to the subject at hand. Famous or Not?  If I were waltzing down the street and had the opportunity to casually  run into three Elites from Stardoll, who would I choose and why?

First: Hunnigall.
Her graphics are to die for and I would love to see the person behind the crazy outfits. I would love to know what Alice does with her everyday life.

Second: Noelle_Page
One of the most hardworking women I know! She devotes her time to so many things and is sweet as a gumdrop. being in her company would brighten my day.

Last: Miss_lolitaf
She seems so bitchy online and a drama queen. I would love to see if that attitude flows through her in the real world.

Now  your turn. Choose three Elites that you would love to meet in the real world and why?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fuck Your Efforts

In recent news, Japan was devastated by an intense earthquake that was followed up by a tsunami. And due to those horrific events, a nuclear power plant is infecting the surrounding air with radiation. In such a time of crisis, we all want to lend a helping hand. But is that hand extended to help our neighbors or ourselves?

Stardoll members are no exception when it comes to raising awareness and helping in the support efforts as Japan struggles to make a recovery. However, these "efforts" don't seem to be doing much for Japan. In fact, it seems that these so called efforts are only helping those who claim to be doing something for the greater good.

By now you've all cocked your head to the side and small question marks are leaking from your mouths. What the fuck is Aislin going on about?

I'm going on about these shirts, bags, dresses, posters and other items that Stardoll members are creating and selling to the public for their own personal gain. Sure, these items say Japan somewhere on them; but you're not actually using the profit you make from this overpriced shit to help Japan in any way. You're using a devastating event to boost your Stardoll bank account and when putting it plainly, I would say, "THAT'S FUCKED!"

If you want to do your part and really help out a country in need, and you feel Stardoll is way to do that, CONTACT STARDOLL. At least they could sell Japan-inspired items and use the profits to help Japan.

If Stardoll isn't your chosen path, get your lazy ass away from the computer and do something productive in your community that will benefit Japan. 

Bottom Line?


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Word to your Mother

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
I've lost momentum; many could say I've went soft.
I'm back with an understanding. A goal, if you will.
I'm not here to please everyone. This is self soothing, so to speak.
We're all different and we are all entitled to our own opinions.
These are mine, and if you're turned off by them, GET THE FUCK OUT.

I may not be the original....
but I have molded the world of anonymous blogs.
This is my playground, and I will not hesitate to dump a bucket of sand in your eyes.
Stardoll Social Ladder, Stardoll Burn Book, Soulless Entity, take a step back.
EE is coming home and you don't stand a chance.
This isn't a popularity contest,
I've already won.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Exposed: Nojo's Hoes

In recent news, fellow Stardollian, Nojarama, better known to his friends as Nojo was outed as a pimp by three of his prostitutes after they were set up by police.

For some time after the trial, Nojo's hoes remained anonymous. That is until Nojo, feeling a little betrayed, caught up with the skimpy scoundrels, in an alleyway located in New Star City; only blocks from where they were taken in by police.

After giving the girls a good scare, Nojo snapped a few shots of his now former employees. He later posted the images online; claiming that these two cent whores weren't worth even that and that they were dead to the streets of New Star City.

Can you guess who Nojo's hoes are?