Saturday, January 8, 2011

Yet Another Mockery it Seems.

The latest, but certainly not the greatest mockery of Elites Exposed, seems to have used my project as his/her sole inspiration. As flattering as that is, I cannot help but be somewhat annoyed by this.

Though this newly anonymous Stardolll member left a sweet comment in my guestbook, she's been trashing other members of Stardoll such as Coolgirl185.
Being used as her inspiration is nice and all but her version of what I created it senseless, sloppy and quite frankly, trashy. I feel as if I an unintentional mockery has been made of Elites Exposed. This anonymous person has diluted my creation and turned it into something unworthy of attention.

As hasty as this person seems to be, I'm sure after she scans over this post I'll be deemed an enemy to her. Luckily, my sights are not set on being friends with this unoriginal mystery person.

Annoyed, EE


  1. I have proof:

  2. I do not know what to think of this girl. She goes around writing seemingly nice comments in many people guest books (I guess the ones she considers to not be noobs) but then has this huge grudge on coolgirl185, and is overly standing up for bubblyminty...I don't understand it at all.

  3. I just said to bubblyminty that calling my friend fat (who isn't fat) isn't nice and then everything else somehow happened