Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This is a Joke.

This life away from real life is a joke. We've all become so consumed, and for what? Embarking on my journey through Stardoll I wasn't aware of what was really happening. the innocence was stripped slowly and I was thrown into something far beyond belief.

Stardoll isn't just a fashion website, its' real life, in pixels. Stardoll was never meant to be perceived this way. Only through its' users has it become a site filled with elitism, jealousy and hatred.  And quite frankly, we're the only ones to blame. As a whole we created this world and now we must survive in it the best we can.

I used to believe that I had the best friends on Stardoll. People that were always there for me. If I was ever in need, they would be there to help me. This still rings true for some people. But the person I invested my trust in, the person I share my happiness and sadness with, well she's gone. Before the word "elite" meant anything to me, before Stardoll blogs existed in my mind, I had a friend who was excited to tell me that she found an old Hot Buy or that she got a ton more Starpoints. Even after the secret world of Staroll unfolded we marched in together. Spreading our unity. Our friendship came first and nothing was going to take that from us. Now, even though we speak regularly, it's not the same. I've lost the most important thing Stardoll has ever given me and what have I gained from it? People who despise me for speaking my mind? Some blogs I could give a shit less about?

I don't want your elitism. I don't want your praises. Outside of this place we are all nobody. Lets face it; I could pass you on the street and not even give you a second glance. I am sick of this place, these people and what we've all become. And as badly as I want to logout of Dollyworld and never look back, a part of me feels attached, consumed, taken over by something I cannot even grasp. We're pathetic and weak. All of us.


  1. Yeah I understand where you are coming from. Half of today's supposed elites have no real life, it is quite sad XD.

    Just because one is elite on Stardoll does not make them an elite in real life.

  2. Sometimes I feel like we're all in some social test. Like lab rats, but worse. Of course if we were, we'd all have failed.

  3. Deep. This is real sadness from somewhere deep in your heart.

  4. That's true. But, we should admit it, stardoll is becoming more and more entertaining because of the differences in opinions of people and elitism