Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Classique Awards

Quite an inspiring and new idea from Dei, also known as To_Royal on Stardoll, The Classique awards was the first ceremony held over Skype. Elites Exposed is here to feed you firsthand opinions on how this show went down.

Before Skype was a factor, the red carpet event was held in TheClassique's guestbook. Many Elite names arrived and enjoyed themselves before the show began. Due to technical difficulties, the red carpet lasted a bit longer than expected. Soon after the problems were fixed, guests were a added to a Skype conference and Dei did her best to maintain the room.....

As I sat back in my computer chair watching tiny pencils write away, I wondered how hard it was for people to remove their hands from the keyboard and let the ceremony begin. After many threats and a great deal  of frustration, Dei conquered the room and began the show. However, that did not stop many rude guests from speaking out of turn. Among the many rude guests, there were some that stood out more than others. My biggest annoyance of the evening was Abibabeh..x. You could have sworn the world was ending and she was trying to get in her last dying words. If I could have stuck my  hand through my laptop screen I would have ripped out her vocal chords. There were many other annoying guests on the list, but quite too many to name. At the end of the show, another annoying guest arrived. They go by the name of Shayanx3. Speaking of sexual related topics, mainly referring to things they hoped for Tylerisbold to do to them, this annoyance was just outright sick. Nevertheless, the show went on and it was wonderful. Many deserving winners were crowned. Such as the SDnoh8 organization. One winner however had their award stripped of them after a certain someone(me) announced they had cheated. That certain someone was none other than BlueGreen86, who in her club of thousands of members, asked for votes...which was against the rules. The award was then handed down to .pease., who I believe deserved it immensely.

I'd like to give a special thanks to the lady of the evening, Dei(To_Royal) for making this a night to remember. I am looking forward to the next awards show to come and I am hoping by then, everyone learns their manners and shuts the hell up!!



  1. I don't feel that I should change myself for one person. I am who I am, but I do apologise. I guess I was over excited as it was probably the first 'proper' awards show I had attended but please don't go the the extreme of Annoyance of the night.
    Abbie x

  2. I was unfortunately unable to make it. Although I didn't win anything, I am thankful that I was nominated, and congratulations to everyone that won! :)

  3. *chuckle*

    Well,congrats to everyone again!!
    It was kinda hard to write anything :/ And these pencils really confuses me :O