Sunday, January 16, 2011

Exposed: Pimp Nojo?

Deep in the muck and crime filled streets of New Star City, three prostitutes were picked up by local police after being caught in a four way with a seemingly very lucky guy.

The three females who remain  unidentified were placed in handcuffs along with the man who purchased them and the foursome were hauled down to the NSPD(New Star Police Department).

After being drug through hours and hours of tough interrogation, these worn out prostitutes released the name of their pimp. Who is he you ask? None other than our very own Nojo. Let's face it, we all saw this coming.

 Nojo has remained unavailable for comment. And after a rather lengthy trial, Nojo was cleared of all charges brought against him, due to lack of evidence and a well paid lawyer.

As for the three still unnamed prostitutes, we will surely have more on them later. Including their identities.


  1. Ew...what a manslut Mr. Alfred-Darnley is. He spends his millions on vaginas. Shame.

  2. Jenny I actually invest my millions into vaginas.. XD

  3. that is where they all went. Too bad that the vaginas are riddled with STDs :D

  4. hahahaha

    *cough*man whore*cough cough*
    but this is funny :P