Sunday, January 16, 2011

Exposed: Admire Couture, Bad Publicity

Sinbabee, owner of Admire Couture is swallowing her words after a feud she so hastily began with Tyler(Tylerisbold) and Dei(To_Royal), after Tyler's Top Trends owner, Tylerisbold posted a review of her Futuristic Fashion line for Admire Couture.

Sinbabee received her first dose of what should have been constructive criticism after Tyler(Tylerisbold) said "Many of the pieces look like a Kim Kardashian clubbing getup." 

Instead of taking this criticism in stride, Sinbabee complained that Tyler was being mean and rude. And that many other people liked her line. She also stated(after Dei came to Tyler's defense) that Tyler's Top Trends was a shallow and low blog. Could her opinion of his blog be based solely on the fact that he gave her a bad review? Unfortunately, we cannot quote Sinbabee. Because after she prematurely released a spoiler of Admire Couture's next line(bad move), she removed almost all of her comments after realizing what a fool she had made of herself. Leaving only a couple comments that made her seem like a victim.

If you ask me, Sinbabee should hold no place in the Stardoll fashion world. If she cannot handle a little negative attention, she surely wouldn't last a second in the real fashion world.

And my personal opinion of her line is that while the bags and accessories were nicely made, they look like they had been done before. And as far as the actual clothing pieces go, they looked trashy and slutty. Better luck next time, Admire Couture.

To view Admire Couture's collection, click here


  1. So true, she needs to be able to take the criticism. Good or bad.

  2. If you want criticism then you must take the good and the bad.
    I thought that the collection was frankly shit. The designs were unoriginals and plain.