Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fuck Your Efforts

In recent news, Japan was devastated by an intense earthquake that was followed up by a tsunami. And due to those horrific events, a nuclear power plant is infecting the surrounding air with radiation. In such a time of crisis, we all want to lend a helping hand. But is that hand extended to help our neighbors or ourselves?

Stardoll members are no exception when it comes to raising awareness and helping in the support efforts as Japan struggles to make a recovery. However, these "efforts" don't seem to be doing much for Japan. In fact, it seems that these so called efforts are only helping those who claim to be doing something for the greater good.

By now you've all cocked your head to the side and small question marks are leaking from your mouths. What the fuck is Aislin going on about?

I'm going on about these shirts, bags, dresses, posters and other items that Stardoll members are creating and selling to the public for their own personal gain. Sure, these items say Japan somewhere on them; but you're not actually using the profit you make from this overpriced shit to help Japan in any way. You're using a devastating event to boost your Stardoll bank account and when putting it plainly, I would say, "THAT'S FUCKED!"

If you want to do your part and really help out a country in need, and you feel Stardoll is way to do that, CONTACT STARDOLL. At least they could sell Japan-inspired items and use the profits to help Japan.

If Stardoll isn't your chosen path, get your lazy ass away from the computer and do something productive in your community that will benefit Japan. 

Bottom Line?


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Word to your Mother

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
I've lost momentum; many could say I've went soft.
I'm back with an understanding. A goal, if you will.
I'm not here to please everyone. This is self soothing, so to speak.
We're all different and we are all entitled to our own opinions.
These are mine, and if you're turned off by them, GET THE FUCK OUT.

I may not be the original....
but I have molded the world of anonymous blogs.
This is my playground, and I will not hesitate to dump a bucket of sand in your eyes.
Stardoll Social Ladder, Stardoll Burn Book, Soulless Entity, take a step back.
EE is coming home and you don't stand a chance.
This isn't a popularity contest,
I've already won.