Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hunnigall, You Have Been a Nice Girl!

Our very own graphic design goddess. Hunnigall has more talent in the nose she doesn't like than most of us have in our entire body. How she does it, we may never know. Hunnigall's name shows up anywhere and everywhere but she is ever so humble.

You may wonder, why is she an Elite if she doesn't act like one? This may come as a surprise to you, but not every Elite is a stuck up bitch. But do not think that because she is humble that she is nice to everyone. While lovely little Hunnigall plays nice, she doesn't seem like the type to take your shit. MEOW!

So we've come to the conclusion that Hunnigall is a sweet badass who creates amazing graphics. Aye aye aye, it seems we have nothing awful to say about Hunnigall which is why she made nice list. You cannot hate her. But I will say this, Hunnigall seems to be ever so obsessed with the color orange. I'm sure there is a support group for that. Orange is dandy and all, but too much of it can make one blind!

Sweet little pot of hunny, we love you, doll. Stay nice with a hint of spice.

Best Wishes, EE.


  1. I'm going to hunt you down.
    Climb into your bedroom window.
    At night.
    With a penknife.
    Rip your bedsheets off.

    Fankoo ;)

  2. Ahahaha Alice rules! There's no one like her, num yum <3