Thursday, January 6, 2011

In an Attempt....

to clear up the controversy that has been blowing up in the ElitesExposed guestbook.

First of all, to settle all of your wondering and accusing minds, I did not nominate anyone on the Best/Worst dressed list. They were nominated by other members of Stardoll. I simply put them on the list according to what they were nominated for. Does that mean I  believe that they dress shitty? No.

Another thing, I never claimed to be the best dressed person....ever. If your on some sort of medication that causes you to hallucinate and hear things, then I forgive you for believing that. But no, I have never said that I am the best dressed person on Stardoll, nor do I believe that.

Lastly, this list has stirred up so much shit. I've been accused of being judgemental, when I really haven't judged anyone on their style thus far. I've also had a ton of shitty things said about me when the people saying these things don't even know me. If you ask me, that's being judgemental.

Keeping up with EE tradition, I didn't want to have to spoil the big surprise with this list. However, I am so tired of hearing everyone's shit. It's especially annoying since they haven't let it play out and most of them aren't even aware of what's going on. They're just jumping on the "Lets trash Aislin bandwagon."

So here's the big secret. After voting for Best/Worst dressed is finished and announced on January 14th, I'll do a daily post, alternating between the lists. One day a post from best dressed, then a post from worst dressed. These posts are going to relay how I personally feel about the person's fashion and whether I believe they were placed on the right list.

Here's hoping you all are happy.


  1. Gosh those girls are even more immature than they are stupid. If not, then truly ignorrant...or maybe stupid.

  2. Tbh, You are just having some fun with EE, & People make up loads of crap, Without knowing better :D