Saturday, December 11, 2010

Baya You Have Been a Very Nice Girl!


Baya, my sweet Baya. How ever so happy am I that you graced the world with your pleasing prescence. The only other person I know of in the Stardoll community that freely and openly expresses her opinion, be they good or bad. Right or wrong. A strong female figure who to me is the realist person Stardoll has ever seen.

Something I admire about Baya is her willingness to put herself out in the world just as she is, unaltered. Completely and utterly herself. As many know, it is hard to admit to people, especially the close minded, criticizing bitches of Stardoll that you are gay. However, Baya is freely and openly lesbian. Something else very admirable about Baya is her work ethic and creativity. She gives life to her work and makes Stardoll an interesting place to be. Baya, if I were Lesbian and you were my next door neighbor, I would be coming for you.

Having similarities with someone often makes you fond of that person because you see a bit of yourself in them. And as self centered as that sounds, it's true. Something I share with Baya is how outspoken I am, and in a way that makes me feel drawn to her.  Have I developed what some would call a "Kindergarten crush"? Well I won't let the cat out of the bag.

Lastly on my agenda for Baya is my love for anything and everything she does. The nice list seemed to be the only place for Baya and will be for the rest of my time as a blog writer and a Stardoll member.

Best Wishes, EE.