Thursday, December 9, 2010

Who Am I?

Often times I find myself bored with Stardoll. A lack of excitement and an overbearing feeling of boredom is what originally sparked my idea for not only the account, "Elites Exposed" but also the blog. For the character EE, I changed everything about myself in order to play the role. I aimed to make EE almost my complete opposite so that no attention was drawn to myself. Originally I had planned to continue that way. Writing my posts, talking to people whom I was sure would hate me. However that was not the case. Instead of being attacked with negative attention, I was showered with compliments and curiosity of my true identity.

As the guesses of who I was started pouring in, I promised to reveal myself if anyone were to guess who I was. Knowing that they never would because I fed them false information. I told them I wasn't on the list, which I am. One of the only truths I fed to these curious cats was that I was no one special. I am not an elite, I am not well known and I never aimed to be. This account wasn't to achieve fame. It was to achieve entertainment. For myself and for others.

What is possessing me to supply you all with who I am? My guess is that it would have to be the guilt I feel for being untruthful. I feel that you can only take things so far before relationships are ruined and ruining a relationship with anyone I am close with on this website is something I would never want to do. After I reveal myself, I will continue to write my posts and I shall continue to carryout all of the future plans I had for "EE".

For anyone and everyone who has wondered who is behind EE, her name is Aislin Victory.


  1. only an idiot like you would write good about tyler

  2. Only an idiot like you would think poorly about Tyler.

  3. Famewhore and Tyler is a famewhore. Lolita is a nice person actaully, how the fuck coud you put Jennt on the nuaghty list?

    You want fame u loser.

  4. Jenny is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She is a joy to talk to and I've come to really enjoy speaking with her. In case you haven't noticed yet, just because you're on the "Naughty list" does not mean "I hate you".

    Tyler is not a famewhore. Quite frankly I believe he has already achieved "Fame" as far as Stardoll is concerned. As for me, I'm not out for fame. I've never been about "Fame" on Stardoll and I never will be about it. I'm content with having no one know my name.

  5. You just gained all of my respect.

    First, because of how you are able to draw us all with your writing style, next, for having the guts to face all this.

    More of you please.

  6. Had a feeling...nice to know who's behind this amazing blog.

    Don't let the haters put you down. Your talented.

    Glad to have you be a part of the Elite Entertainment staff.

  7. There are 2 point of views:

    View A: I am sure it is hard to reveal something as you did, you might gain haters & lovers. Reveling yourself means you are good for this and that you should not quit.

    View B: It might have been a plan to act like you were anonymous so later you could reveal yourself, fame would come with it, also talking from your main account with EE one in GB's, adding yourself to the list, adding your BFF's to the list leaves a lot of doubts about your sincerity.

  8. I appreciate that comment. I don't expect you to be nice to me or even like me for that matter seeing as I haven't ever said many nice things regarding you.

    There is a method to the madness for adding myself. It isn't so that when my day comes I can rave about what a great person I am. That isn't the type of person I am. However I am not asking anyone to take my word for it. Nicki and Gillian are not "Elite" and they are not on the list because I see them as close friends. Anyone and everyone on either list is there because I believe they have accomplished something. And knowing Nicki and Gillian as well as I do, they have accomplished many things and I personally believe that they should be recognized for it.

    Creating EE was not a ploy to receive "fame". I have never sought after fame for the year or so that I've been around. I've never won a covergirl award and I've never asked to be recognized for anything. The last thing I want is "fame" and I will do everything within my power to keep myself from being thought of as a famewhore. Revealing myself was not a way to say "Hey! Glad you all like me and having been trashing me so this is the real me!" I let people in on who I was because I felt guilty. My conscience was hurting because I hadn't been truthful with everyone. White lies come and go easily but when you begin to entangle yourself with lie after lie it's hard to free yourself. I just wanted a clear conscience.

  9. Did you add yourself to the list, and your friends thats sweet but really, none of them are really considered... "Elites"

    And you are actually very lucky, when I announced I was King Of Media, I had numerous amounts of people calling me a fame whore, TYLER (<3 love him now) and you only have the scared bitch (anonymous) calling you fame whore,which I don't think you are one! I actually really like your blog, YOU BETTER KEEP BLOGGING! Haha

  10. You're right. None of us are "Elites". I'm not an important member of the Stardoll society and I haven't a desire to be. Stardoll is fun for me. Somewhere to go in order to escape the craziness of my real life. I just want to continue to write and enjoy Stardoll as I always have. Extra attention to my main account is unnecessary.

    I'm sure "Anonymous" is just the first wave of name callers. There will be more to come and I'll have to deal with it as best I can. As long as people come to read I will continue to write(:

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  12. Keep blogging :)
    Although I was wondering why you put yourself on the nice list.

  13. Hello,
    Just ignore all the negative comments. I think that it is brave that you admitted who you are, and I love you ;D.

    Keep entertaining us with your fabulous writing :)

  14. I agree but anyway, giving them recognition does not mean you should give them false hopes that they are elites.

    Can you add a follow tab plz?

  15. They are all aware that they hold no place in the elite world.

  16. Can u add a follow tab so we can follow and get notified for new posts?

  17. At the top of the page there is a bar that reads "follow", but I will attach a follow gadget to the bottom.