Sunday, December 12, 2010

MadWorld Has Been Quite A Naughty Boy!

It seems unfair for me, you or anyone else to judge someone without knowing them first. Yet it does not seem unfair for one to drool over an attractive person they pass on the street. Sure they may be devilishy good looking, but for all you know they could be a child rapist. However, both the action of judging one before we know them and fantasizing about a perfect stranger is commited on what we like to call a "daily basis".  MadWorld, or Chad is a perfect stranger to me and  I do not know enough about him to tell you what I like and dislike about his personality. The only thing I know is that he is smoking hot and has a way with words.

For anyone who's jaw has just dropped, ease it back into place and I will continue. Having no photo of Chad, I may only go on his Stardoll appearance, which is gorgeous and we all know it. Being the only one able to admit this, I think I should rightfully have dibs on him. Only joking of course.

What do I know about Chad after taking the time to observe him? Well LYL seems to be a coined phrase for him. What does that mean? Love you Lots? Love you Loads? Hell if I know, but Love me Lots! Love me Loads! Oh I am only teasing. Something more we know about Chad is his ability to unknowningly draw female attention. His most known fans seem to be BubblyMinty and Miss_LolitaF. Do I see a love triangle? Or pherhaps a cat fight in their future? We can only hope.

Now I bet you're reading this wondering why the hell has she put him on the naughty list. Well now the answer to that is simple you see. I believe that Chad is a heartbreaker. Leading women on, making them fall in love and yet he pursues nothing! This is only a hunch of course. The only other reason he was put on the naughty list is because of how devilishy sexy he is. Stay sexy, Chad.

Best Wishes, EE.


  1. Sure he is Lolita :D. You can have him.

  2. Ok, ok. We can share him but I'm keeping Bruno 4 myself. Plz?

  3. Chad has been a very naughty boy ;)

  4. Well to me I think Chad or whoever he seems to be is no that appealing..this is because I don't know the real chad no matter how attractive his medoll looks I don't know the true him.Therefore, I can not judge him on anything.