Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Kiss List:
JakeBurberry & .pease. 
llcooljason & LonnaLang 
Viva.La.France & Tapstar321 
Dog_Boy96 & Hunnigall 
-Dexter & Blueberry-Dream 
MadWorld & AislinVictory 
-Marco. & Blahm3 
Brit-On-Me & BubblyMinty 
 Nojarama & To_Royal 
Mr.Wannabecool & Miss_LolitaF 
EliteNews & Star_Awards 
John2_el_mejor & Findurlove 
BrunoExclusive & Syligirl
Tylerisbold & Forevergorgeous

New Years Party

On an unbelievably chilly night near the Starset Strip, a cluster of party guests planning to attend a special New Year's party walk quickly as if they were being chased by the cold into a large building. The clanking of the female's high heels echoed in the halls as they canter from the main entrance and file into a large elevator with their blind dates for the evening. Silence filled the cramped elevator as they anticipated the ding of the machine they rode to the top of the building. At the twentieth floor a small chime  rang in their ears as the shiny doors of the elevator slid open and they filed out into a large, modern penthouse. A theme of black, silver and white spread throughout. In the center of this large room was a circular black table adorned with a cascade of fresh black and white roses, glitter confetti and one simple, white envelope. Immediately guests were making their way to the table out of curiosity for the envelope. Lolita(Miss_LolitaF) was the first to reach it. Her perfectly manicured fingers popped the seal and she slid out a sliver of paper. In an elegant, black script listed the couples of the night and who was to kiss who. A bit of information the gaggle of party guests had been fantasizing about since they received their invitations. Crowding around Lolita(Miss_LolitaF), everyone used their eyes to scan the paper.

 Gasps were breathed into the air from an assortment of mouths. Most in shock of who they would be paired off with for the evening. Before anyone could further their opinons on who they were sharing a kiss with at midnight, a voice rang in over a microphone. As the guests turned their attention from the paper to a small stage approximately twenty feet in fron of the table, they saw EE standing in an elegant black dress, decorated with shiny bits. The room grew quiet as she spoke.

EE: In light of recent events you have all been asked here tonight to enjoy what I'm hoping to be a pleasurable night for you all. The list you've all just read is a little something I have comprised to make the night a tiny bit more interesting. Let's say it is to broaden your horizons. Of course the kissing piece is just for a little fun. You haven't got to make out and suck face with anyone. Just a sweet peck upon the lips is all that is being asked of you. Stealing the spotlight is not something I am interested in, so I will let you all have your fun. But being the well experienced hostess I am, I will check back occasionally to make sure you are all having a great time. Until midnight, goodbye.

As the chatter from guests started back up, "So Happy I could Die" by Lady GaGa blared in through the sound system. Lolita(Miss_LolitaF)  discards the paper and scans the group to find her date, Clif(Mr.Wannabecool). Wearing a silver feather dress, paired with midnight black heels, Lolita(Miss_LolitaF) is looking gorgeous. Clif(Mr.Wannabecool) is practically drooling. She flashes him a bright smile and extends her hand to him. Clif(Mr.Wannabecool) takes Lolita's(Miss_LolitaF) hand and leads her to a large dancefloor that covers the whole right side of the penthouse. A mirror image of the couple shines in the sparkling black floor. Innocent dancing expresses they are having a good time. Maggie(Findurlove) daunting a creame colored, ruffled collar dress, she shyly waits the approach of her man for the evening, John(John2_el_Mejor). Looking dashing as ever, John(John2_el_mejor) charms Maggie(Findurlove) without having to speak a word. Looking a little to shy to dance for now, Maggie boasts a smile, followed by some blushing. John(John2_el_mejor) returns the smile and greets her as a gentleman should.

From a few feet away, Linnea(.pease.) walks over to John and Maggie, looking somewhat puzzled. Dressed in a magnificent black dress, it was a shame she was wearing such a face. "Are either of you familiar with a Jake?" Linnea asks, concern lingering in her words. "That would be me." Jake(Jakeburberry) says from behind her.
Behind Linnea(.pease.) stood a too cute for words guy named Jake(Jakeburberry). Linnea turned on her heel to greet Jake. As they introduce themselves, Time of my Life by The Blacked eyed peas begins to play and John(John2_el_mejor) pulls a reluctant Maggie(findurlove) onto the dance floor. Linnea smiles cunningly at Jake and she pulls him to the dancefloor behind Magge and John. With three couples now dancing on the floor, the air in the room is full of excitement.

Nicki( Tapstar321) stands alone in the elevator. A wardrobe malfunction lands her late to the party. As the shiny doors open for her, she sees Aislin(AislinVictory) standing alone, looking rather out of place. In four inch heels, Nicki moves as quickly as she dares towards her best friend. Aislin(AilsinVictory) wearing a vintage, gray and pink HotBuys dress, lights up when she sees Nicki headed her way. As Nicki wraps Aislin in a hug, she whispers "Sorry I'm late" and then pulls away. Nicki's gorgeous, purple cocktail dress made her complection radiate with silk beauty.  "Why are you standing alone?" Nicki asks. "This really isn't my group of people, you know." Aislin responds. "Sorry for my fashionably late appearance. The zipper of my dress snapped and I had to re-think my whole outfit." Nicki sighs. "Well you look amazing, job well done." Aislin smiles approvingly.

Dei(To_Royal), standing in a black sequined dress, looking gorgeous as ever, trotted over to Nojmul(Nojomara), who looked all most as gorgeous as Dei. The two of them hugged one another sweetly and then retired to the dancefloor. Two by two like Noah's Ark, people were pairing off with their dates. Slowly making their way to the sparkling, black dancefloor. Strobe lights from above played dance moves in slow motion. Ladies of the group dug tiny grooves into the tile with their deadly heels. The majority of the gentlemen stood from behind their dates and watched them dance, occasionally throwing in a hip thrust or two. Amanda(Blahm3) was the first to break away from all the excitement of dancing to pay the bar a visit. Snagging a couple of shots, she tossed them back before her good friend Carolyn(LonnaLang) could walk over to join her. "Easy there, care to share the alcohol?" Carolyn said in a joking manner. Amanda smiled cunnigly and grabbed two more shots, handing one to Carolyn. "Don't get all bent out of shape, there is enough for you." Amanda sneared jokingly as she handed Carolyn a shot. From the corner of her eye, Amanda Saw Chad(MadWorld) and his date Aislin(AislinVictory) making their way across the penthouse, to the bar. Before any "hellos" could be spoken, Chad treated himself to several shots. Feeling a bit buzzed from rapid alcohol consumption, he smile, grabbed Aislin's hand and drug her back to the dancefloor. Almost causing her to trip. Carolyn and Amanda laughed at the site and followed Chad and Aislin back to the dancefloor.

From the center of the dancefloor, Nojo(Nojarama) is taking advantage of Dei's(To_Royal) dance skills. The perfectly paired couple are lighting up the dancefloor with their outrageous dancing. Scattered cheers and whistles only encourage them. As they life of the party, they feel a desire to entertain the remaining guests. "Te Amo" by Rihanna begins and the dancing from the couples slows. John(John2_el_mejor) flashes Maggie(Findurlove) a devilish look and takes her hand; pulling her to the center of the sparkling floor. As they make their way, the crowd parts and all the attention focuses on John and Maggie. A serious facade washes over the couple, now in waltz position. Before too long, John is sweeping Maggie across the floor. The crowd can only watch in amazement. Wondering, was this planned? From elegant twirls to sultury moves, the pair were entranced in the song. As it slowly came to an end, they simply bowed and were rewarded with claps and cheers from the onlookers. Usher now picked up the pace as guests returned to their dancing, still in shock from the show John and Maggie had given them.

The males admist the crowd began growing tired of dancing and became hot from their suits. Shedding their coats they all gravitated to the bar, preparing to be drunk before the evenig was finished. As the alcohol coated their throats and descended into their guts, the conversation tested dangergous waters. Tyler(Tylerisbold) had a lightbulb above his head switch on and he made sure the coast was clear of women before speaking. "Who do you think is the hottest girl here? Go ahead, place your bets." he said in a daring tone. "Lolita is definitely the hottest girl here." Chad(Madworld) chimed in. "No way." Bruno(BrunoExclusive) exlclaimed. "The hottest girl here has to be Jenny." Looking shocked from the responses, Nojo raised an eyebrow. "You have both fallen off of your rockers. For Linnea(.pease.) is the most gorgeous girl here." Nods of the head from many signaled agreeance and it was settled, Linnea was the most gorgeous girl at the party. More shots were taken, champagne was sipped and before you knew it, the men were stumbling back to the dancefloor. Now ready to feel up their dates.

Almost every wise female sensed the intoxication that had spread like an epidimic. Alice(Hunnigall), Sarah(Blueberry-dream) and Ayla(Syligirl) parted with their dates to fill up on party favors before drinking too much. Filling their plates with everything from sushi to finger sandwhiches, dancing had worked up quite an appetite. Before too long, other girls that were tired of having their boobs "accidentally" touched joined Alice and the others who were sitting at a table near the bar. Nicki(Tapstar321), Aislin(AislinVictory) and Jenny(BubblyMinty) made quick trip to the restroom to touch of their hair and make up before indulging in the lavish amount of tiny foods. As they ate, conversation struck up among the six girls. "It smells like a mini bar over there." Alice laughed. "Who can really blame them? Without their liquid courage, they wouldn't have been able to direct their grabby hands towards our asses." Sarah scoffed as she sipped her wine. "I think it's kind of funny." Jenny giggled. "They're so drunk, we could probably convince them to kiss one another at midnight." Aislin added. "I hope someone brought a camera because I want to document that!" Nicki smiled. As the ladies enjoyed their h'orderves, they also enjoyed trashing their dates with silly jokes and plans to make them regret drinking themselves senseless.

As the night went on, dancing continued along with drinking. Before too long, almost everyone in attendance was at least a little tipsy. What's a party without drunken idiots? Half an hour before midnight, Baya(Elitenews) and her date for the evening, Vanessa(Star_Awards) staggered their way to the stage with a glass of champagne occupying their hands. Baya snagged the microphone and began a toast for the evening.

Baya: I'd like to make a toast to everyone here tonight and to the great time I think we've all shared. If you're drunk and you're having a good time, raise your glass. Cheers!

Glasses from every hand rose aboves their heads and clinking echoed from the walls. As the champagne was sipped, conversation built up in anticipation of midnight. Lana(Forevergorgeous) and Filipe(Brit-On-Me) motioned to the ceiling as the tiles parted ways and shiny, silver sphere, resembling a disco ball lowered itself into the room. "2011" was encrusted in diamonds. Linus(Dog_Boy96) and Dexter(-Dexter) had strange looks cross their faces. "What the hell is that?" Dexter questioned. "I guess something like the ball that drops in New Star City. "I wonder if it will actually drop at midnight." asked Ayla(Syligirl). "Well it doesn't have very far to drop, if it does." Jake(Jakeburberry) pointed out. "True." Ayla responded.  Marco(-marco.) chimes in, loud as ever. "What if it bursts and money goes flying eveywhere?" "I will knock all you bitches down to get some of that!" Sam(Viva.La.France) laughs. "Knock me down and I will dig these six inch heels into your eyeball, buddy." Lolita(Miss_LolitaF) says completely serious. "Well I guess we will all have to wait until midnight to find out." Clif(Mr.wannabecool) exclaimes. "That's in like five minutes." Maggie(Findurlove) announces.

As the minutes until midnight pass by slowly, everyone returns to their dates side and waits as patiently as they can. In the last minute of 2010, the countdown begins.

Everyone: Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! ONE!!!

And with that last moment, kissing commences. Everything from small pecks on the cheek to full on makeout sessions. The disco ball above explodes with shiny confetti and a ton of glitter. Everyone now covered and sparkling, the kissing continues.

*Tyler(Tylerisbold) wrapped his arm around Lana's(Forevergoreous) waist and pulled her close to him. Within half of a second his planted a kiss on her lips.*

*Bruno(BrunoExclusive) took Ayla's(Syligirl) face in his hands and gave her a sweet peck on the lips.*

*John(John2_el_mejor) picked Maggie(Findurlove) up by her waist and gave her a long meaningfull kiss, right on the lips.*

*Baya(EliteNews) and Vanessa(Star_Awards) intertwined their fingers and kissed one another passionately. Smiling after the fact.*

*Lolita(Miss_LolitaF) wrapped her arms around Clif's(Mr.Wannabecool) neck and kissed him deeply. The poor boy almost fainted.*

*Nojo(Nojomara) being the most dramatic of the guests, spun Dei(To_Royal) around and leaned her body back against his arm before kissing her like only Nojo could.*

*Jenny(BubblyMinty) feeling somewhat nervous drew in a breath and planted a kiss on Filipe's(Brit-On_Me) cheek. He responded by placing a kiss on Jenny's(BubblyMinty) lips. She blushed of course.*

*Marco(-marco.) smiled at Amanda(Blahm3) as she twiddled her fingers in anticipation of her kiss with a perfect stranger. He leaned in and she did the same. The met in the middle and shared an innocent kiss. Both pulling away immediately afterwards.*

*Aislin(AislinVictory) wondered silently who Chad(MadWorld) had shared his lips with earlier in the evening. Lost in thought, Aislin neglected to see Chad(Madworld) advancing on her. And moments later a surprise kiss from Chad landed perfectly on her lips.*

*About to burst from nerves, wishing she consumed a tiny bit more alcohol, Sarah(Blueberry-dream) smiled shyly at Dexter(-Dexter) as he brushed the strands of hair from Sarah's face and kissed her softly.*

*Linus(Dog_boy96) smiled devilshly at the ever beautfiul Alice(Hunnigall) as they both closed their eyes and kissed quickly, parting and then returning for seconds.*

*Sam(Viva.La.France) admired Nicki(Tapstar321) as she smiled at him. He placed a small kiss on her forehead, then on on either cheek before making his way to her lips, where they shared more than a small, innocent kiss.*

*Jason(llcooljason), took a deep breath and thought of Filipa as he moved closer to Carolyn(LonnaLang) and gave her a sweet kiss on the cheek. She smiled and returned the favor by kissing him on the cheek.*

*Jake(Jakeburberry) nervously smiles at Linnea(.pease.) and she nervously smiles back before they both let out a laugh and kiss one another. Enjoying it more than they thought they would, the two kiss each other several more times.*

 After the fact, cheers ring throughout the penthouse. In a matter of seconds everyone in the room had shared at least one kiss with someone else. Glitter and confetti still falling from the ceiling, Lady GaGa rang through the speakers and the whole room full of guests practically ran to the dance floor. At a late, three in the morning the guests grew tired and as the heels came off, the gentlemen lended the female's their coats so they wouldn't freeze in the cool weather. Down the elevator and into the lobby, the guests laughed and chatted about the evening they had all shared. Joking about the upcoming hangovers and sore feet, they all parted ways and left with only their memories remaining.

*"Until next year." whispered EE as she stood in the now empty penthouse with a glass of wine, watching the crowd disperse below.*


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    Best. Short story. Ever.

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