Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Devie44 You Have Been Very Naughty


More than anything I hate your attitude. Your egotistical personality. Always appearing to be so much better than everyone else. Denying the people "below" you the attention they desire from you. Your snobby attitude is worse than that of a females.

One thing I really wanted to address about Devie44 is a guestbook comment I saw on his page. One of the Italian Mafia members threatening to hack his page and he simply said that he was aquaintances with one of the members and they told him he would would be spared of their wrath. That is a not an actual quote from him, I dressed his words up a bit. Seeing as they are rather boring, However, the point of this is that he KNEW a member of the very irriating Italian Mafia. The people who were going around scaring the daylight out of so many people. And if he knew one of these people why didn't he come out and tell everyone? Why wouldn't he out one person to save the sanity of those who were being tortured by these maniacs?

That's my real beef with you, Devie44.

Best Wishes, EE.


  1. wasn't this italian mafia a fake? So how can he/she know a member of them when they were posers?

  2. That's what I would have liked to know. But obviously there were some people creating the accounts, so I am supposing he knew who they were, seeing as he said he did.

  3. I think though around that time, seeing as the Italian Mafia fakes were around, that people took this as an oppurtinity to hack people, as people would automatically think that it was the Italian Mafia. So to the people that did get hacked around that time, it could have been anyone.