Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TylerisBold, You Have Been a Nice Boy This Year!

Many that know Tyler say he is many things, from a fruitcake(we should all be familiar with that term) to a fame whore. We'll start by clearing up the fruitcake accusation. Just because there is a male on Stardoll does not mean he has to be gay. Fame whores are all over the place and as Tyler pops up here and there to gather followers for his blog. He often leaves with a "fame whore" label on his back. Does that mean he's a fame whore? It's possible. Do we think he's a fame whore? Well if he is, he's an awfully cute fame whore.

Dedicated is a word that we'd like to use to describe TylerisBold. The amount of work he puts into his blog and the amount of effort he puts into making it a success is that of a true hard worker. He deserves all the great reviews he's received. Nominated for a Star Award, let's all hope he's the lucky winner. Deserving you are, Tyler.

Now we cannot say all these lovely things about TylerisBold because that is NOT what the readers want. They want something to get angry about and well, we'll give them something to get angry about. Sure, Tyler is a dedicated, deserving blog owner. But he's also been bitten by the Two Faced Fairy. Oh no, now we're all concerned. Don't worry, he will be fine! But if you're still wondering how we could so rudely say that he is two faced, just check out his blog. After posting about Lipstick Magazine copying the ideas of another magazine and being unoriginal, he partners up with them a while later and says that he forgives them for being copycats. Just like that, Tyler is able to cut down another blog and then become partners with them. Good work, Tyler.

Does Tyler think too highly of himself? Is he the type of person to turn his nose up at someone. Of course he is. Why do you think he's an Elite? That's what you do when you've reached that level. Is it right? No. Has he earned every right to do that? Yes. Congratulations on making the nice list this year, Tyler. However, it was only by the hair of your chinny chin chin.

Tyler, we love you. So we'll pull a "Tyler Stunt". Everyone reading, follow

Best Wishes, EE.

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