Monday, December 6, 2010

Miss_LolitaF You Have Been Naughty!

What can we really say about Miss_LolitaF that hasn't already been said? What can we really tell Miss_LolitaF that she doesn't already know? How can we really show Miss_LolitaF what kind of awful person she is? We can start with an intervention.

If you're wondering why Miss_LolitaF made our naughty list, well you should already know. But incase you don't, we're here to tell you. Not only does our lovely little Lolita have an ego the size of the Grand Canyon, she actually believes that she's being targeted because people are jealous of her. Well let me be the thousandth person to let you in on a little secret, Lolita. No one is jealous of you; we're all just sick of you. We're sick of your pretenious, snob-like attitude and we're sick of you thinking you are actually important. You may receive all the attention you've ever desired, but it's not the kind of attention you should be seeking.

A hypocrite is what Lolita is and we all suffer from that at some point or another, but it seems that Lolita has been suffering with being a hypocrite since the day she was crowned a Stardoll Elite. After sending out hundreds of broadcasts asking to be covergirl she shunned someone else for "begging" to be voted covergirl. She claimed that the situation was different because that girl in particular did not deserve the crown. Well it appears that Lolita is the only one who deserves the crown. How dare anyone else try to take that from her! I hate to break it to you, Lolita but you're not the only person on Earth and you are by no means the most deserving Stardoll member. You think that because you have rares, god knows how many Stardollars to throw around, tons of starpoints and some successful blogs that you should be crowned covergirl for all of your accomplishments. Well dear, when you actually accomplish something, give us a holler and you'll be recognized. Until then, stop trying to snatch all the credit and learn to earn it.

The most annoying thing about Miss_LolitaF is how oblivious she is to the fact that not a lot of people like her. She's gained a bad reputation on this site and she continues to destroy herself. One by one her "friends" fall at her side. Tired of being used, treated like shit and undermined by Lolita. How much longer can Miss_LolitaF keep this up? Though she appears to shake off any and all negative attention like she doesn't care, I worry that all of the hate comments and bad things that are said about Lolita, really get to her. Of course we want Lolita to change for the better but we do not want bad publicity on Stardoll and all of the Stardoll affiliated blogs to end in a tragedy for Lolita.

Does my worry for her excuse anything she has done to have these things said about her? No, absolutely not. She fully deserves the negative attention from those she has hurt and those affiliated with the ones she has hurt. However, Lolita, like every other member of Stardoll is a person and like the human that she is, she makes mistakes and she should be given another chance. Do we expect Miss_LolitaF to change? No. Do we hope that she will for her own sake. Yes.

Best Wishes, EE.

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  1. to be fully honest, I do not think she gets the attention in real life, So... Stardoll is just an excuse for her to get attention and 'live the dream'that she thinks she is living.

    course I want her to change! who doesnt?
    she is my friend, but I really feel like crap after talking to her :s