Monday, December 13, 2010

FIndurlove Has Been Such a Good Girl!


I want to find her heart...if she has one. Holy smokes, don't get your panties in a wad, I'm only trying to get your blood boiling. I have nothing but respect for Findurlove.

What do we really love about Findurlove? For one her success in everything she does. Whether it be with The Star Dose or my personal favorite, her modeling expenditure, Vanity Models. The sweetheart of Stardoll is this girl for sure.

Most Elites have less important Stardoll members knocking down their doors to catch even a tiny conversation with these ever busy Stardollians. Whether it be to trash talk them out of jealousy and spite or to try and use them in order to climb up the social ladder. Though Maggie has people coming to her just wishing to have her friendship.

How is it that an ordinary person becomes so loved on Stardoll? Because she's a darling, duh dumbasses! If I believe in God, I would say that Maggie is angel sent from heaven because she is truly and genuinely a joy to us all.

Now, before I vomit from all of this mushy stuff, I'll bid you all a goodbye. We love you, Maggie.

Best Wishes, EE


  1. Maggie's hot. Jk, jk.

    She's amazing.

  2. Yup it's true. She is so nice and such a sweety :). Most of the "elites" seem to only talk to other elites and ignore less-known people who want to be their friends...

  3. Maggie is such a bitch!(jk) <3 I love you hunny!:D