Thursday, December 23, 2010

Juciimami827 You Have Been Such A Nice Girl!


No she's not elite, just to clear that up for everyone who is on my case about it. Do I believe she deserves to be recognized? Absolutley.

I spoke to her when no one else seemed interested to before she was superstar. That just goes to show how much effect a tiny golden star has on your opinion of someone. Befriending Gillian was one the best decisions I have ever made on Stardoll. For she has been such a joy. Putting my trust into Gillian, I feel free to tell her almost anything. I know my secrets are safe with her. She has been there for me through many things and I have returned the favor. We have walked side by side through all the hell and all the happiness Stardoll has thrown our way and I look forward to continuing my journey with her.

What has she done aside from being a dear friend of mine? Produced a successful blog and as of recently, she has created something so revolutionary that all the Stardoll Elites are flocking to Gillian to get in on the project. I'm truely proud of you and all of your success.

Best Wishes, EE.