Saturday, December 18, 2010

UndamyUmbrellla You Have Been Naughty!


What is it about her that I dislike and simply cannot stand? Well when I find an answer for that I'll be sure to let you all know. Honestly, just something about her irks me and I'm not sure why. I couldn't even begin to put a finger on what it is about UndamyUmbrellla that I do not care for. Is that wrong of me? You'll probably all see it that way. But I'm sure there has been someone you knew that you just didn't like. Is she a great person? I mean I'm sure many think so and maybe someday I'll come around and be able to tolerate her. But for the time being I just cannot get around my odd dislike for UndamyUmbrellla.

To be perfectly clear, I had to fill the naughty list...which was hard to do since I am able to get along with almost anyone. UndamyUmbrellla was just put on the list to take up space since I'm not a fan of hers. Sorry for the boring post today, tomorrow's will be better, promise.

Best Wishes, EE.

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