Wednesday, December 15, 2010

.Marcela.. You Have Been A Very Nice Girl!


The quiestest, most drama free Stardoll member I've ever seen. She doesn't fuel fires and she doesn't pay hardly any attention to her "haters". A little dose of Marcela in our own personalities is what we all need.

Known for her gorgeous Star Design pieces, she's one of the most talented designers to ever appear on Stardoll. Her designs have been mocked but have never went as far as the originals. Her pieces are being auctioned off as if they were rare items. Coming close to the equivalent of Limited Edition. That is an awful lot to accomplish. She surely has much to be proud of.

Knowing so little about Marcela, I haven't much else to say about her other than from what I know, I believe she is a very sweet and amazingly talented person. I wish her all the luck in her future endeavors.

Best Wishes, EE.

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  1. Hmm.. Marcela, Marcela, Marcela.
    I agree with you once again, Aisy.
    She's one of stardoll's most quiet elite, and due to everything happening to the other elites these days, Marcela is one heck of an angel. I'm a huge huge fan of hers, from her personality to her epic design collection, she's incredible.